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Sunday sustain.


Sunday is a day to tend to our selves, to our souls. This morning my husband began with cooking breakfast for me, a lovely surprise on an easy Sunday morning. As I take care of myself with precious, snatched moments of time alone to reflect, to create and just to be, I also take care of others, tending to their needs with love and thoughtfulness as well as being loved enough to have someone take the time to care for me.

Please join me today on Kindred as I look at a different way to Sustain ourselves on a Sunday morning. I am incredibly touched that this wonderful print magazine and online journal and community of thoughtful creatives have chosen one of my images and some of my words to share with my fellow readers today. If you haven’t discovered Kindred yet, I am sure you will find it beautiful and deeply rewarding.

Today I am also pleased to have my darling Rosie featured on Mortal Muses’s Diptych Favorites. I am honoured to have my rather dark Polaroid diptych included in such beautiful company, I have no doubt its inclusion is due in no small part to the presence of my velvet friend.

I hope your Sunday is giving you a chance to sustain yourself and your loved ones and be sustained in return.

Lynn x

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Leovi - A pretty picture, is to eat it! I love fried eggs! Greetings.

Penbleth - Thank you Leovi.

Arnoldo L. Romero - You have a good husband and a great cook too. Congratulations on your feature. Blessings!

Penbleth - Yes I do. Thank you.

Juana - Looks like a delicious breakfast and what a pleasure it is to have it made by someone you love!

Penbleth - Thank you Juana, yes indeed, it was and it is.