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Ease into it.

The working week has begun for most people but here at Tŷ Penbleth it is the first real day of the Easter holidays. Hub left for work a little earlier than usual with the promise of an earlier return to help ease my load. Yesterday his mother reminded me she was just a phone call and a five minute walk away if I needed help. It is good to know the offer, the genuine offer to help is there. I won’t hold my breath for an early return by Hub.


Yesterday in the middle of the frantic post family dinner scramble of talking and dishes and don’t trip over the dog I needed to remind myself to take a moment and just be still. I will admit I thought of how I had written about moments of calm and called myself hypocrite, until I was able to hold that image in my mind to help me through the feeling of stress I was experiencing.

Today I am at home with my girls and my dog and my own way of working. I don’t set huge demands on myself for school holidays. I know my time is mostly taken with looking after 14 and now looking after Rosie. In the past there have certainly been days when I have been glad to see Hub return home to give me a moment to relinquish the reins and give up the responsibility for just a little while.


Thankfully those days are fewer, the settled ones more usual. I would not know to be so appreciative of the latter if not for the former.

I may look at the hillside and think how lovely it would be to go out and walk and how that isn’t possible with 14 due to her lack of sense of danger. I can however appreciate that I can sit here and sip a coffee where a couple of years ago I would not have had peace to do that. I can appreciate us singing together, who cares about the tune. I can smile as 14 counts to herself or sings along to songs on the television or associated with her toys or books. I can count each of these as progress and be thankful.

I hope today you are able to take a moment to notice something that has gone well and see progress even in the smallest of steps. They make life just that little bit more full.

Lynn x

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janet isserlis - perfect. thank you. thinking quite likely also the best part of my day. thanking you, the girls and rosie. (who is, strictly speaking, sort of, I guess, also, a girl)


Penbleth - Thank you Janet. It has been a pretty good day so far.

Rosie is definitely one of my girls, albeit the extra naughty one who chews what she shouldn’t. xo