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One of those days.

I left work this afternoon and checked my ‘phone with some trepidation. Would there be another message that school had tried to be in contact regarding our youngest daughter? My hand went slowly towards my pocket, my heart holding back a sense of dread as to what I would find. It had been one of those days where I have seemed to spend the entire time catching up with myself.


This morning began with a rush. I woke to find a text, sent forty minutes earlier by my husband who had left the house early on a work trip, asking if I was awake. A good idea from him, not much use to me since I had turned off the sound in order not to be disturbed at night by the arrival of random emails. I frantically looked at the time to see that we most likely had only thirty minutes in order to be up, washed, dressed, medicated and breakfasted before my daughter’s school bus was due to arrive. Now, twelve hours later, I only just feel I have made up for that time.


The frantic dash of the morning transmuted, as it so often does, to a day spent never quite feeling like I was on top of what I had to do. The last thing I would have needed was to find that once more we had a problem with my daughter and school.

You can imagine my relief when I faced the ‘phone screen to find it blank of text or answer ‘phone notifications. Today my daughter spent the entire day at school and came home with nothing untoward noted in her Home/School book. Thank goodness. This week is the final one before the Autumn half-term break when she will be home for a week.


Dare I hope that it goes smoothly? I would love to say, “I hope so”, but I am not much given to optimism in this instance. At the end of the week, if I am wrong, I will gladly eat my words. Until then, welcome tension headache.


I hope today has gone smoothly for you and your evening gives you the chance to catch your breath after the work/school day.

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Clarice - I love the railroad track and bench photos. I’m glad there was a full school day.

Sherry - Starting that day off on the wrong foot or the wrong note can definitely make for a day that feels like it’s behind the eight ball the entire day. Add your tension of waiting with bated breath to see if all had gone well at school (thankfully it did!) it’s little wonder you are dealing with a headache. One day at a time, right? xo

Emily - Oh my goodness, Lynn. Of course it would be the day after your respite that you spend catching up with yourself and the day. Just checking in to see how you’re doing and how life is going for you. Ducks. Walking on the edge. Peering over a fence. And even the bench has been marked by a winged passerby. Here’s to a hopeful and quiet tomorrow. Thinking about you and yours.