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A busy week needs a quiet weekend.

Last night our youngest had her second respite night this month. Typically we go out and do something, this time we decided the evening called for a relaxing time at home, perhaps because I was working during the day. The thought of coming home and getting ready to go out again later just didn’t appeal.


Our evening was spent at home, having something to eat for three, which for us feels very much like an empty house. Hub was rather aggrieved to miss the rugby but you couldn’t really expect 17 and I to watch that when Strictly was on the box? No, I didn’t think so. Sequins win over thighs any day. There, I said it.


Rather nicely the laptop has been resting over these couple of days. There are times when no matter how much fun it is or how much I enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to online it is nice to shut off the connection and get back to my first love, reading.

My daughter is home from respite, the family is back up to four, which doesn’t feel quite so empty.

Would I do the same thing every respite night? No, the evening brought some much needed rest and for that my body is grateful but it did rather start and end as if it had never happened.

I hope your weekend brought you some rest and peace.

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Sherry - Sometimes doing “nothing” but relaxing, staying in, watching television (mindless is often best!) or reading is just what the doctor ordered. Being able to put your feet up and say “ahhh” is quite a tonic. I’m glad you were able to have some time to do that.