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Good things at the end of the week.

There is something indescribably lovely about walking out of work to see your son waiting for you in the car. I had that wonderful experience yesterday. University is over for another year and although this visit home is fleeting, he is returning to spend some time in the city with his friends, I am savouring every moment. The joy of cooking him nourishing food and fussing over him while he pretends to indulge me makes me a very happy mum.

I am so glad that my children are experiencing life, meeting friends and discovering their adult identities. I know that as parents we must have done something correctly. As I enjoy hearing their stories I am equally glad that they still want come home and be taken care of by their parents. It is a balance they and we are learning together, parenting young adults is a whole new adventure for us all.

These visits are often a mixture of looking at the recent past as we catch up with each other since we last got together, then looking back further to childhood and thinking ahead as we share plans and aspirations. Revisiting the past helps maintain the connection, reinforce the reason we are together and our place in each other’s lives. Looking ahead provides the point of focus to our forthcoming actions and activities.

I hope your Friday has been a good one and that the weekend allows you to reconnect in some way with the connections in your life.

Lynn x

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