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Some beauty and a floozy.

I had peace today to enjoy my camera and a walk. No work for the wicked today.

I had to hurry back to meet 13’s nurse, only to get home to discover she had called to cancel. What a pain, work the past two days, work tomorrow, rain forecast for Friday, I really wanted to get out and walk, breathe some fresh air and look at the ducks. If I had known my whole morning was free I could have gone to a small copse and attempted some outdoors self portraits. Clearly I have given up being worried by other people’s reactions, plus it is small, no one would have seen me. I hope.

There weren’t any ducklings on this side of the canal but some beautiful adult ducks, all mallards.


And a couple of glorious herons.




Later I read Vivienne McMaster’s post on Shutter Sisters about recognising and acknowledging the beauty we see around us. Everything doesn’t have to be edgy all the time.

On Saturday, as I walked along the canal to the in-laws for lunch the bluebells were in bloom. One thing you can say for the month long wet “drought” we have had in Britain, everything is very lush.



On Vivienne’s course we were encouraged today to see the goddess we can be. I’ve always been more floozy than goddess. For those of you poor souls who have already seen this, apologies. For the rest of you, je ne regrette rien.


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Dawn Tucker - Beautiful photos ….. yes, even the floozy!! LOL. My goodness, you’re girls look so much like you.
I’m really hoping the weather continues to give us a break for the next few days (well, actually how about the rest of the summer now we’ve all had enough of the wet stuff). I’m off to the Isle of Wight tonight to see my Mum for a long w/end. It would be really nice if the sun could poke its head out for a while but just as long as it doesn’t pour down again.
Hope you have a good w/end yourselves.

vivienne - i so love that photo of you!

Janet Isserlis - love these photos, too. the one(s) of you you’ve been posting and these outside ones. gorgeous
thank you

Penbleth - Thank you Vivienne.

Penbleth - Have a great trip, I’ve never been to the IoW, it sounds wonderful. I hope the sun shines for you. Yes, the girls are like me, poor things.

Penbleth - Thanks Janet. It’s good to be behind the viewfinder again although it is fun in a scary sort of way to be in front of it as well. The iPhone is much more gentle than the big girl camera.