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If you are going to share is it worth being embarrassed?


(MILES better than Larsson.)

I know the “right” answer should be NO. If you enjoy it why should you be embarrassed.

Except …

We can be a judgmental bunch, can’t we, humans. Some things are seen as a little more acceptable than others. Mostly things that AREN’T liked or enjoyed by too many people.

Everyone likes it? It must be rubbish. Enjoyed by only a few? Clearly only the cognoscenti, those positively riddled with taste would even KNOW about it never mind have the intelligence to enjoy.

Are you a keen fan of reality television? Please, spare me, so NOT my thing darling.

Oh, don’t you DARE look down your nose at the fact I read crime. No, stop it. I won’t have it at all.

I read mostly, okay, almost entirely, crime.

What I’m trying to say is, I seem to be feeling a little better lately, a little more able to read and take in the sorts of books I used to read so I’m back to posting those books on Goodreads. I have decided to take up the reading challenge again this year, but only 50 books this time as it is already well in to April and goodness only knows what should happen if I have a relapse. I hate starting these things and not being able to finish them. Especially if they are book related.

I’ve read about as much literary fiction as I can handle.

Just ask yourself this, if I’ve been sick since the tail end of last year and unable to read crime but I HAVE still been reading, WHAT THE …?

Say no more.

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