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Changing, staying the same.

This evening Hub and I sit on the sofa, drinking tea. We are watching the television, the dog sitting beside us. It is normal, commonplace, even mundane. It is a pleasant restive end to the day, the sort of thing happening in homes around the world. It is the sort of evening we have come to enjoy, even expect over the last couple of years. It wasn’t how the earlier evening played.


Earlier Miss Rosie had to visit the vet for her second and final round of puppy vaccinations, 14 came with us. We know this isn’t something she enjoys or a situation which brings out the best in her behaviour. Sadly this evening was no different. Hub’s decision to stay in the car with 14 while I took the dog to the vet might have worked if the appointments weren’t running late. When I left the vet’s office nearly an hour after entering Hub was tense, 14 was anxious and I knew it wouldn’t be good. By the time we were half way home 14 had two goes at my hair. It’s a clever move, what can I do but cry out? 14’s point was made, no sitting around in a car for the best part of an hour if you expect a pleasant return journey. No presuming that because in general her behaviour is more settled and less challenging that lurking beneath isn’t the unexpectedly physical, determinedly wilful person who was always there. 14 sees the world in her way, expresses her frustrations, anxieties and fears in her way. That is something to be remembered.


So between the unexpected mayhem of the car journey and the ease of the evening tea was an equally unexpected caffeine hit, given by Hub to ease the hair-pulling upset. It filled me with a touch if guilt as I drank what should have been his drink, till he admitted his precious scoffing of a chocolate bar. No more sympathy from me, in fact much more of a pout.

I hope your day brought a smile, like that of the aged Golden Lab who took a shine to Rosie at the vet. Naughty boy.

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