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So I don’t always face it.


Yesterday when I went to get my youngest from the school bus, huddled into my coat, soaking wet and full of the self-pities due to my cold, I made the typically insightful British comment to the bus escort about the weather. “What a day!” I know it is hardly earth-shattering repartee but then why should that have been any better than anything else I uttered yesterday. In case you are in any doubt, the usual response is, “it’s a dirty one”, well, if you are in Northern Ireland, other areas may vary. Really, any comment to agree that rain is wet and miserable would suffice.

A grunt is a little different. A head down and a grunt is not good. On a different day I would have asked him what was up, had my daughter been difficult on the bus. Yesterday I just took her hand in one hand, her book bag in my other and walked my daughter into the house. I didn’t ask, I didn’t look, I didn’t react.

Now of course I am riddled with guilt, because not asking means I have had the joy all night of thinking that my daughter must have done something terrible. Sigh.

Cowardice brings its own rewards.

My cold hasn’t eased but the rain has stopped, for now, I’ll ask today.

I hope your Friday is less riddled with imagined angst.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lynn x

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