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On women, work and worry.

Today my youngest had to stay home from school, her old problems with her eyelids returned during last night. This morning one if her eyelids was swollen almost shut. The worry we used to have as to the cause is gone, we know now this is something to which our youngest is prone and beyond having an eyelid tuck there is nothing for it but to get some drops from the doctor and know it will be much improved by the afternoon. So today was spent together, reading books, singing songs and watching favourite television programmes. We had a day of ease and fun.

How different it would have been if my daughter’s eye had flared up yesterday. Yesterday I had to go to work. On days like yesterday I worry, am filled with stress, what will I do if my daughter needs to be home? What if she is sick? What if the school is closed for some reason?

It is a concern of parents worldwide, not just me. What do we do when we need to work and need to parent? How do we meet both needs? These concerns are exacerbated if we are on our own, have no one else who can help, cannot afford childcare or have a child whose needs preclude the more usual forms of this.

My daughter has, as I have written about many times, ASD, epilepsy, severe learning delay and behavioural issues. This does not make for ease of access to childcare, in fact for us it means that beyond the odd occasion when her grandparents can help for very short periods of time, her father and I have to split the care. It also means that when her schooling ends so will my working life.

I find myself almost looking forward to it. The stress of being torn between commitments will have ended. There will no doubt be other concerns but no longer will I have to deal daily, weekly worries about being in two places at once. Nor will I feel that I ought to continue with something despite the stress.


In other news, dear readers, please welcome Rosie. Innocent looking hound, unrepentant chewer extraordinaire.


No, really, don’t believe the face.

(Isn’t she sweet. When she’s not chewing my leg.)

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janet isserlis - xo

Debbie Amsden - I love your writing. Your daughter is adorable and the new member of your family is super cute too! xo

Clarice - I was wondering when there might be a peek at your puppy. I love that middle photo! I’m glad youngest is doing better. Does she like having a puppy?