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Caking and baking.

Last week my older daughter mentioned she would like a coffee cake and wouldn’t I be a good mum and bake one for her while she was at college. Normally nothing would make me happier, I love baking. The problem with last Friday was I got out the knitting needles after I had done some housework and by the time I remembered about the cake it was almost home time. I got some knitting done but there was no cake.


Jump forward to today and a text from the same daughter, she would love a coffee cake. I couldn’t let her down a second time.


In keeping with my recent run of not quite doing things as they ought I forgot that the last time I used this recipe I made the triple-tiered cake and put a full mixture into each tin rather than splitting it. Today I had only sufficient eggs to make the basic recipe but still used the larger tin sizes. Out came a lovely cake but significantly thinner than I would have preferred.

Oh well, the finished item looks good, smells good and I hope tastes good.


I hope your Friday has given you a chance to do something you enjoy, that those of you on the right side of the States are safe from Nemo and that you all have a peaceful, happy and fulfilling weekend.

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Emily - Your cake looks absolutely delicious. And so does the beginning of your knitting project. You’re a fine Mum!