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Shop? Only if the postman can deliver.

A few days ago I hit the after-Christmas sales. Well, it is expected. Except, I couldn’t actually bring myself to go to the shops.

Here’s a confession, I HATE shops. Truly. There are people everywhere and sales are worse, people driven to the edges of their grip on sanity with the prospect of 5 pence off some must-have they didn’t even know they needed till they spotted it on offer. If we were back in the Dark Ages, you remember, when there was no internet and shopping had to be done by actually going to the store, I would save a fortune. Thankfully those days are gone and the store can come to me. Sale rails can be viewed in peace and comfort with the added bonus of – those who bought that also bought this – demanding I offload even more spondulicks on things I definitely need and it was good of the store to tell me about them.

There are exceptions to my loathing. Posh shops. I quail in the face of their glossy, shiny, well-lit, beautifully smelling, artistically displayed gorgeousness. Aren’t they divine? Don’t they just make me spend every last penny I ever earned. I am helpless in their face. Then I come home and trawl their website and, well, wouldn’t it have been wrong to leave these dresses hanging on their virtual rails when the good people in the store had been so kind as to take so much off the price?

Yes. It would.

I knew you would agree.

Even better, they will keep me away from the biscuit tin and the lure of cake. No point buying them and not being able to wear them, is there?

No. There is not.


And that brings us nicely into the routine of January.

If December is feasting, January is fasting. Perhaps not literally but almost. Back to the routine of work days and cooking ordinary, if tasty, food packed full of veg and pasta rather than heavy with roasts and indulgence. Everyone to whom I spoke today was convinced it was Monday due to all the holidays lately and each was eager to see next week begin, for routine to restore order to a fortnight of rudderless meandering through the tail of the year. So with the end of what seemed like the second Monday of this week I will say goodbye to indulgence, hello to new dresses waiting to be worn and finally delve into the January issue of my magazine, stored for the last few weeks as a calorie free treat for the return of normality. Or what passes for it in my life.


However you are spending your day/evening, I hope you find some time to relax, draw breath and renew yourself in a little time for you.

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