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Their lazy Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, its name resonates with images of long lie-ins, breakfast and papers in bed. If there is one thing Sunday morning is supposed to be, it is easy. Two sleepyheads here agree. Two others had to shake off their slumber and head out West to haul home the trappings of student living for another year.

In this instance west with a capital W might be over-stating it but the end of term and end of year means all that was taken down only a few months earlier has to be returned. They set off early this morning to give our son an undoubtedly rude awakening. He is unlikely to return today, his stated plans to stay until the coming midweek.

Here I sit, sleeping daughter and dog around me, a coffee and a book beside me and I savour this morning for this afternoon I will launder.


In other news I am honoured to be included in today’s Film Mosaic on Mortal Muses. I am thrilled to be part of such delicious images of Summer.


I hope your Sunday brings you rest and joy.

Lynn x

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Clarice - So sweet and dreamy! I love the light coming through the blue curtains.

Kimberley McGill - Hope the laundering is over and you have another opportunity to enjoy some more Sunday ease.

Thumbs up for the spot on the Mosaid. I hadn’t heard of Mortal Muses – something new to explore!