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New Year, no resolutions.

For the last fee years I have opted for a word to hold in mind rather than resolutions that frankly I know as I make them I have zero intention of keeping.

In 2013 my word was Renew. I wanted to make some personal new beginnings. In honesty I only thought of it a few times through the year. Sometimes it would rise from the murky depths that is my memory, sometimes it would be triggered by reading someone else taking about their word.

This year I will be doing something a little different for me. I will be following along with Ali Edwards’ One Little Word. The monthly prompts will keep me focused and I know I need that. I know that achieving anything takes attention and focus and some degree of commitment.

I also think that we come to things when we are ready. At first sight there may not appear to be a great deal of difference between Renew and Restore. They both look at improving and rejuvenating. For me restoring is about getting back to the me I once knew, the me my family probably still thinks I am.

There was a time I knew my value and worth, knew what I could do and would have a bloody good go and things I hadn’t tried before. Except heights. I don’t do heights. Or maths. You can get people to deal with both of those for you. You might get lucky and get a stilt walking mathematician and they will do both at once. Hey look, I said I used to know my worth and chronic jokes is one of my all-time standards.

This year I am going to get back to knowing me, owning my skills and knowing that owning those is not the same as being boastful or holding back someone else. I have loved for too long with the feeling that if I stand up for me I am either being prideful or in some way saying that I am better than others. That is not the case. But I am able and capable and I do have skills. This is my year to finally own them.

This is also going to be the year when I work on silencing the voice that comes back with all the what ifs and corollaries. That voice isn’t needed or wanted.


So, what about you? Do you have a word for the year? Are you taking part in Ali’s class? Or do you make an keep your resolutions? Do you have plans for the coming twelve months? Please do feel free to share in the comments, I love to know.

Whatever you have planned or otherwise I hope you have the best of years. May 2014 be healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous for you in all the important ways.

Lynn x

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Sarah - I think this is such a wonderful idea and look forward to reading more this year. I don’t particularly have any but to be kind in every aspect of the word.

Jenny Fisher - I love your word and your idea about restoring yourself. I look forward to reading your progress. I have done Ali’s OLW course before. I signed up last year but didn’t follow through. I may use last year’s prompts to focus on my word for 2014 – EMERGE..happy 2014 Lynn, may it be everything you hope for and more. xx

Clarice - I like what you have written here. I hope your words knocks on your door to remind you of its presence! My word is “comfortable”. My intention is not to spend the year on the couch in sweatpants, but to be comfortable with myself, my choices, decisions, and, yes, when I need it, to sit back and be comfortable.