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Do you?

Do you admit to quiet pleasure at the ending of the day?
To the thrill of a bright smile and little wave?
Hearing her say, “goodbye”
Knowing she means goodbye to your work, not to you.

Do you smile more broadly as you settle in the car
just to feel a little hand slide along your cheek
to your lips so you can kiss it hello?

Do you admit to being glad she wanted you
even with dad and grandparents and hound?
And know in a twinge that you wouldn’t want her to be sad,
just to miss you a little.

Do you slough off the workday
with your bag and books and shoes
And sink into the evening beside a happy smiling face?

And a happy hound who needs to say hello too.

Happy Thursday.

Lynn x

© 2014, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.

A little square of happiness.

Easter is over, the work routine has begun again. Chocolate has been eaten, walks have been taken and time together savoured.

In the middle of visits home from grown children and visits to the in-laws a fresh beginning has been made in the garden.

The old and overgrown have been cut away. The dead and weedy have seen the blade of the spade and the tines of a fork. Sometimes the drastic is needed to give us a chance to make everything new. Everything except the hellebore and hydrangea, the latter for now at least. As we wait for the weekend before any further work is done its future hangs in the balance.

Today, tomorrow and Friday 15, 21 and I enjoy the rest of the Easter school and uni break. On Thursday I work and Hub takes the reins. The long days and challenges of past holidays seem long gone now. We are thankful for progress, however small, that helps 15 feel happier and more content and thus we feel the same.

Happiness in little things, we will take it.

Happy Tuesday.

Lynn x

© 2014, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.

The dance.

Over the valley a ‘plane flies north-west. Where will it land? Ireland? Iceland? Greenland? Too small to make it to America? Or too high for me to rightly judge its size?

People keep moving leaving some centred and grounded behind them. Only for things to switch and the movers stay while the others take their turns in the dance of millennia.

Humans never stay still.

~ ~ ~

Whether you are staying or leaving today, have a good one.

Lynn x

© 2014, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.

A breath.

Longer days. Soft blue skies.

The windows open, letting in the gentlest of breezes.

Outside the gentle sound of voices and the distant hum of lawns being mown.

Across the road soft buds on trees.

In the garden, tidying, preparing to dig and clear and plant.

Laundry catching the dancing light, warm and fresh.

In the air a soft, faint scent of green.

After the winter life is returning.

And my spirit smiles gently, letting out a breath I didn’t know it had held.

~ ~ ~

Happy Monday.

Lynn x

© 2014, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.