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021/365 – because there will always be disaster.


You think you will have a treat, first you have a disaster. So you clear the debris and then you have the treat because now you really deserve it.

The idea seemed so simple, after some early morning work a little break, a moment to sit and enjoy a hot drink. Really enjoy it. Take the time to savour the taste, value the time, take in the view from the window. I am increasingly aware of the rate at which my life is experienced, rushing from one task to the next without truly making the most of each one.

That approach works fine for me when dealing with the necessities but it isn’t so good for those things that should be more enjoyable. I find lately that I am barely registering my meals bar my main one each day. That definitely is not good.

Of course there is nothing like a plan to call in a disaster. Okay, a moment of, oh no! So a handy hint for anyone reaching behind a glass bottle rather than moving it out of your way, move it out of your way. I reached for coffee, I got glass and EVOO all over the kitchen floor.

So my kitchen floor got a wash before it was going to today and now it smells of citrus and olive and that isn’t too bad a smell but the bottle was almost full and now it is no more.

If I am going to try to look for a positive, I really appreciated my coffee afterwards and Rosie was sleeping elsewhere so I thankfully has no bassety help for the cleanup.

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18, 19, 20.

018/365 – Sunday.

019/365 – flight

020/365 – tea

Plus points, managed to continue marking mornings even on the ones where I didn’t really feel like it.

Minus point, the BGC is still sitting looking at me, unused.

At one time it was almost constantly in my hand, now it sits there and I walk past it.

That is going to have to be my next personal challenge, get back to making actual photographs with a real life camera. I need an assistant. I love the making photographs part, I cannot be bothered by the uploading and editing part.

Time to move past that.

We all know there no way I would allow anyone else to edit, so, no assistant even if I could afford it.

Happy Tuesday.

Lynn x

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017/365 light


Okay, I admit, I haven’t gone for the BGC today. Why? Because I opened the front door this morning to be greeted by a sheet of ice.

Here’s something you may have missed if you haven’t read my ravings before, I am TERRIFIED of falling. My mother used to tell me not to hold her hand in bad weather in case I fell and brought her down with me. I know. Don’t feel sorry for me, this wasn’t when I was a little, little child. Think more of overgrown bambi on ice who ought to know better.

When I got to work I barely made the four steps from the car to the door without falling.

I faced it long ago, I am hopeless.

That being the case, I wasn’t going to risk landing with a thump and breaking my camera, if that happened I would die.

Now it is dark and I am cold. I will try again when the elements are a little kinder to me.

In the meantime, the cold winter light cast an enticing glow across the table during morning break today at work. All that power, so little heat.

Enjoy your Saturday. May you be more steady on your pins than I.

Lynn x

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016/365 croissant


It is rather telling when your first choice turns out to be much the same as one you made just days ago. So, instead of yet another view of Rosie on the sofa with the bare branches of the trees showing through the window, here’s Rosie and her perfect croissant impersonation.

I know I am dreadfully torn between seeing the new and attempting to replace the lost. Of course, that cannot really be done. What is taken now may look similar but the time is different, the light changed.

As the weekend looms I plan to search out something different. A light, an angle, a different view. I may even break out the big girl camera. There really is nothing like it for getting to the details.

Let’s see.

I really think I might.

What about you? What do your have planned for the weekend?

Whatever it has in store for you, I hope it is good.

Lynn x

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015/365 – where your favourite shot doesn’t fit the 3:2 crop.


It is cold and wet and AGH! in South Wales today. The weather matches just how I feel as I attempt to retrieve from various sources yesterday’s lost photos.


Above is the shot with which I am going as my 365 of mornings today simply due to cropping ratios.

Below is my preferred images.

Online it makes absolutely no difference which ratio I choose but as I do get my images printed then I have to decide, do I want to go with 3:2 and fill a standard 6×4 print or stick with 4:3 and have aesthete smaller final result from the printers.

Perhaps as time passes I will go for the second shot after all.

Enjoy your Thursday, I hope the weather isn’t too horrendous with you.

Lynn x

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