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The dance.

Over the valley a ‘plane flies north-west. Where will it land? Ireland? Iceland? Greenland? Too small to make it to America? Or too high for me to rightly judge its size?

People keep moving leaving some centred and grounded behind them. Only for things to switch and the movers stay while the others take their turns in the dance of millennia.

Humans never stay still.

~ ~ ~

Whether you are staying or leaving today, have a good one.

Lynn x

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A breath.

Longer days. Soft blue skies.

The windows open, letting in the gentlest of breezes.

Outside the gentle sound of voices and the distant hum of lawns being mown.

Across the road soft buds on trees.

In the garden, tidying, preparing to dig and clear and plant.

Laundry catching the dancing light, warm and fresh.

In the air a soft, faint scent of green.

After the winter life is returning.

And my spirit smiles gently, letting out a breath I didn’t know it had held.

~ ~ ~

Happy Monday.

Lynn x

© 2014, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.

Twelve on the Twelfth.

Last month I joined in with the photography prompt by Stephanie Bryan of taking twelve photographs on the twelfth day of the month, or 12 on the Twelfth. For Stephanie this is meant to be a year long project, deciding to begin taking part in March rather than January was a big step for me. Usually I would leave projects alone if I missed the beginning. In this case, I knew about it, just simply didn’t get around to taking part. In keeping with my new philosophy of saying yes more often and not allowing some imagined arbitrary and self-inflicted rule to keep be from joining something I know I would enjoy I decided to go for it. Whether or not I add in January and February next year I haven’t yet decided.

So, back to yesterday and my second month of photos. In March most of my shots were taken with my camera, I intended for yesterday to be the same. Sadly that didn’t work out, so iPhone shots are what I have and that has to be good enough.

From the light and delicacy of 15 settling into a cosy morning.

To our shared cups of tea while Hub did the grocery shopping.

And Rosie eagerly watching for his return.

Lunch with Hub’s parents.

And a snoozy Basset who has taking it easy down to a fine art.

And 15 heading into respite.

To our walk around Pen y Fan pond.

Where Rosie realised Labradors can swim, which gave my quite a moment in case she would decide to do likewise. Meanwhile I admired the wind turbines. Yes, really, I love them.

Then off to the cinema to enjoy Captain America: Winter Soldier and marvel anew that people leave before the end of the credits. Are they new?

Then home again.

Where Rosie was determined to stick closely to me in case she had to go back to gran’s again. Even the best Basset-sitters in the world aren’t as good as being at home.

And a final cup of tea before bedtime.

So that was yesterday.

Why not join in next month, or even a different day this month. If you feel 12 shots might be too much for you, and I admit it’s easier to get them earlier in the day, as it gets later momentum can flag, what about 3 on the Third, 4 on the Fourth, 6 on the Sixth, 8 on the 8th. Or the same number of shots as the number of the month? So for May how about 5 shots on the Fifth, in June aim for 6 on the Sixth. That could be fun to see how the group grows as the year progresses.

Whatever you decide, capturing some everyday shots through the course of a day creates a wonderful image and memory of how you live, the similarities and changes from month to month or season to season.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Lynn x

© 2014, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.

Dawn - Well done for joining in whatever the date.
And how I wish Labradors didn’t like swimming so much. Heidi is so drawn to water she always makes a run for it whether I tell her to or not. It’s the one time instructions from Mum don’t seem to mean very much although occasional bribery with food treats will work! She might look like butter wouldn’t melt but there are times…..

Because it’s okay to take stock.

She has no trouble finding her ease, no problem with worries or concerns. Whoever said, “it’s a dog’s life”, and meant it disparagingly never actually saw a dog, or at least a loved one.

This year I have been working on my life. That sounds rather grand, or pretentious. I have been taking a good long look at myself, what I do, what I want to do, with what and whom I want to surround myself. I have to say, so far it has been worthwhile.

It’s easy to begin to feel that life is happening to you, to me. Easy to fall into a place of dissatisfaction without being clear about that dissatisfaction’s cause. As I wrote yesterday, the mid-40s are weird. They are however a good time to take stock, yes, it’s cliché time. Trite but true.

I have spent the first months of this year, and indeed the last few months of last year thinking hard about what I want to do with my life. I know, I’m a bit late getting to the what-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up stage. I have asked myself questions, made myself be honest about what I want, what I like and where I want to be in the future. I have also made myself speak up for me. You know what, the world didn’t end, no one said I was out of line, in fact when I finally got up the courage to tell people about some of the things I wanted to do they were completely supportive. I wonder why that surprised me? That’s a thought for another day.

The other thing I realised, if I am happy with something, then it doesn’t matter that it happened through the course of events rather than by conscious decision and if I’m not, then I can own that, think through alternatives and make changes. I don’t have to accept anything, including my own patterns, if they no longer fit me. I am allowed to own my life, my decisions and their consequences, as long as I am willing to accept the latter then I am able to make changes where needed. And as long as I am willing to accept my patterns nothing is going to change in line with my hopes, plans and desires, but rather at the behest of time itself and perhaps the will of others.

I found it liberating.

I also found that actually I am mostly pretty happy.

And that’s enough naval gazing for one Friday evening.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lynn x

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janet isserlis - yes. yes, yes, yes.

Kimberley McGill - Oh Lynn! Yes, Yes, Yes!

Clarice - Quietly powerful. I would love to hear more:)

Looks like I’m still here.

I have just realised that more than a month has passed since I last posted.

There is a block between the words that on occasion swirl in my head and the keyboard. During this period I have wondered if I want to continue blogging. My children have mostly grown, my life follows a fairly predictable and yn eventful pattern, what is there to say?

In the past few days I have thought that the biggest block is the gap itself. That getting that first post written and out would break the dry spell.

I do know that my creativity is sadly lacking lately. New ideas have hidden themselves, I haven’t written anything anywhere in weeks. I haven’t lifted the camera beyond a couple of times and the outcome of those has been pretty nondescript.

Which is all to say, somewhere inside the urge to return to writing and creating is stirring. Perhaps this blog will alter, become more personal and less about parenting, if I can manage to keep a string of coherent thoughts together.

I tell you, being in your mid-40s is weird.

Have a good Thursday.

Lynn x

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janet isserlis - it’s all weird
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