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032 – 034 In the second month keeping track of the numbers gets harder.


Ours. Our cups. Our tea. Our breakfast time.

A chilly Sunday morning, the steam rising into the air. The blue light of early day through the kitchen window. The chill that tea only conquers for a while.


Lights. The orbs of light on the tabletop and floor. Their presence predetermined by sensors in work buildings.

The clear light of later morning. The artificial of the overhead bulbs. I found their circles strangely comforting.


Deconstructed. Much like me these teas are not out together. They are formed in their bags but not serving their purpose. I have walked past them several times this morning. I have made tea, as have others in the house, yet here these sit.


Much like me this morning.

Lynn x

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029 – 031 and that’s the end of the first month.


We will leave it at that.


Because there can be nothing better than a photograph of a cosy Rosie.


Okay, I lied. Two photos of Rosie are better than one. Even if she hasn’t chosen as warm a spot as she could have, curled up by an unlit fire.

As January ends I am truly glad to see what always feels like the longest month behind me. I know those who like to point out that time works as it works and January is actually no longer than any other 31 day month will squawk at that. To them I say, oh do be quiet. In the northern hemisphere January is dark and cold and often snowy and it feels never ending. July is summer, it might be hot, sunny and full of fun. It’s Britain here so we can’t be too adamant about that. But we can be sure it will fly past, especially if the weather is good.

As I said before, in February I will be recording morning beverages. They shouldn’t be too hard to find. I am sure Rosie will manage to find her way into some of them.

© 2015, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.

022 – 028 because I am really bad at keeping up with posting!

022/365 – cosy cuddles.

023/365 – frosty beginnings.

024/365 – keeping watch.

025/365 – private. The model prefers it that way.

026/365 – swirl.

027/365 – wait.

028/365 – get going.

I am pleased that I have almost met one month of mornings. I am a little annoyed with myself that I keep walking past my camera.

Get that sorted Lynn!

For forthcoming months I am contemplating making my images specific, at least for some of those months. Much as the internet is already awash with images of mugs and tea, I think February will be looking at a month of morning beverages. I will then decide if I want to continue with that or look at something else for March. Perhaps I will alternate between general images and specific subjects each month.

I also intend to revisit my sub-project of 6 on the 6th in February. I would love if you joined me for that. Please also do so if you pick another project for a specific day, I would love to see what you explore.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Lynn x

© 2015, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.

021/365 – because there will always be disaster.


You think you will have a treat, first you have a disaster. So you clear the debris and then you have the treat because now you really deserve it.

The idea seemed so simple, after some early morning work a little break, a moment to sit and enjoy a hot drink. Really enjoy it. Take the time to savour the taste, value the time, take in the view from the window. I am increasingly aware of the rate at which my life is experienced, rushing from one task to the next without truly making the most of each one.

That approach works fine for me when dealing with the necessities but it isn’t so good for those things that should be more enjoyable. I find lately that I am barely registering my meals bar my main one each day. That definitely is not good.

Of course there is nothing like a plan to call in a disaster. Okay, a moment of, oh no! So a handy hint for anyone reaching behind a glass bottle rather than moving it out of your way, move it out of your way. I reached for coffee, I got glass and EVOO all over the kitchen floor.

So my kitchen floor got a wash before it was going to today and now it smells of citrus and olive and that isn’t too bad a smell but the bottle was almost full and now it is no more.

If I am going to try to look for a positive, I really appreciated my coffee afterwards and Rosie was sleeping elsewhere so I thankfully has no bassety help for the cleanup.

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18, 19, 20.

018/365 – Sunday.

019/365 – flight

020/365 – tea

Plus points, managed to continue marking mornings even on the ones where I didn’t really feel like it.

Minus point, the BGC is still sitting looking at me, unused.

At one time it was almost constantly in my hand, now it sits there and I walk past it.

That is going to have to be my next personal challenge, get back to making actual photographs with a real life camera. I need an assistant. I love the making photographs part, I cannot be bothered by the uploading and editing part.

Time to move past that.

We all know there no way I would allow anyone else to edit, so, no assistant even if I could afford it.

Happy Tuesday.

Lynn x

© 2015, Penbleth / L. McG.-E.. All rights reserved.